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Our Classes

These three traditional and hot yoga classes are based on twelve basic poses. The basic structure remains the same in all three levels and the heated class. This creates focus and discipline when the sequence stays specific with breathe control then warming the body properly followed by the traditional postures. This discipline quickly refines the body and the mind into it’s natural peaceful state. The basic sequence is much more than just common stretching; They open and re-align the energy channels (physical, mental, emotional), create flexibility in the spine, make the bones stronger and stimulate the circulatory, immune and all the other systems of the body. 
With a proper breathing pattern, one can calm the mind, reduce stress and increase focus. All classes are taught in a traditional, exact and easy to learn manner. With regular practice, these classes can improve overall physical, mental and spiritual health. NAMASTE!



This class offers new students with physical boundaries, a safe introduction to yoga. Most postures can be performed sitting or lying down on the mat, allowing the student to remain stationary while experiencing the benefits of yoga practice. If you are experiencing back pain or have injuries creating physical boundaries, we suggest this class.  The starter / back care class is designed to allow the student to remain stationary on the mat, if their boundary or injury is too severe.  


This class can be considered Intermediate, however if you have no severe physical limitations we can adjust using a variety of different poses, as you advance we begin to introduce more challenging poses and longer holds to continue deepening core strength, flexibility and balance. All twelve traditional poses are performed in this class and can be modified to meet one’s individual needs, allowing the student to progress at their own level. More advanced poses are encouraged as the student becomes more confident with their practice.

HATHA YOGA (Heated Room)


This class has been designed to increase stamina, strength and flexibility to the hips back and core area. This class is more suitable for students or athletes looking for a little more intense workout in a heated environment.  
This class integrates a lengthened warm up and finished with Sivananda yoga postures. The class slowly and safely takes the student at their own level and pace. Promoting toxin release through increased repetitions and posture holds. Students should bring water, towel or absorbent cover for yoga mat. Yoga mat rental is $3 to cover cleaning cost. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE WE DO NOT HEAT THE ROOM TO TRADITIONAL 105F. THE ROOM IS KEPT AT A LOWER TEMP AS THE NIFRARED CARBON PANELS HEAT FROM WITHIN.


There is something truly magical that takes place when a person practices kundalini yoga and meditation. This is because the impulse of the entire universe is run by the power of kundalini, and the person who practices this mystical science is able to tap into this energy. Trisha’s wish is to guide her students to this energy within. Together with encouragement and inspiration, you will come to understand your own radiance and grace through the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga.


Meditation and Breath work is becoming very popular in today’s fast face world. These ancient practices can be a game changer. Weather you are seeking less stress and tension and more peace of mind or simply a more deep appreciation for the richness and beauty of life. This simple practice can do wonders. By practicing mindfulness we can begin a very powerful love affair with life.  Friday’s at 8am you will be taught a powerful breathing exercise and quickly experiencing the benefits. If you cannot make it to the studio you can join us live on our Facebook page-Subramanya Yoga Centre. You are then introduced to traditional and mindfullnes meditation. These classes will help with PTSD, anxiety and depression. Soon you will see the benefits of decreased stress in body and mind. Increased positive emotions. Increases attention and memory. Increases immune function and the list goes on and on. Through meditation we can discover how to manage this fast paced world and develop an open flexible and accepting mind.