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The Instructors

Daniel De Luis

Daniel is a Stress Reduction Specialist, Biohacker, Mindfulness, Meditation, Breath work and Yoga Instructor. He has studied under WIm Hof and the Innerfire Academy. Studied and lived at the SIvananda Forrest Yoga Ashram. Exploring many esoteric disciplines; blending both the ancient wisdom’s with advanced science to develop a system that helps others find their full human potential. 

Daniel has taught and studied all over the world. With over 25,000 hours of teaching experience in his centre and abroad. He has had the opportunity to teach many Olympic, elite and professional athletes. Daniel has developed and given his stress reduction wellness progams and workshops in a wide range of facilities from Government agencies, correctional institutions, 3M, Police and Fire Departments, hospitals, elementary schools, high schools and Universities. Based out of Subramanya Yoga Centre, in Brockville Ont. Leading yoga, meditation classes at the studio. 

He is a motivational speaker. Giving inspiring talks on how to be the best version of themselves. He has committed his life to helping others live happier, healthier and stronger lives.

Trisha Reilly (Sangeeta Kaur)

“Yoga is not for the flexible, it’s for the willing.” Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is known as the yoga of awareness.

Kundalini yoga is used to awaken an energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine activating your greatest potential. This yoga style incorporates a set of postures called a Kriya, (a specific set of exercises for a specific effect on the body and mind), breathing techniques, relaxation with the gong, meditation and sound vibration (mantra).

I am a KRI Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Instructor. I completed a 200 hour program with Devinder Kaur at the PranaShanti Yoga Center in Ottawa, Ontario. My wish is to guide my students to their energy within and to help them understand their own true radiance and grace.

Tania Tripursundari de Luis

I  began my yoga journey about 13 years ago.  It began simply as a physical practice as the busy world was buzzing all around me.  My personal method transformed very quickly from focusing on  the physical portion through asanas, to a deeper level mentally and emotionally through pranayama(breathing) and meditation. Incorporating these elements into my personal practice brought out  my compassion, love and connectedness to something much larger.
For me, yoga is stepping on my mat and instantly feeling centered and calm.  It is a space free of anxieties and fears. Yoga is a way of life in which I will always be a student, forever learning new things on my journey through life.

Yoga is learning to let go and just be… be present, be who you are, be anything. Yoga is love.
I have been given this incredible opportunity to  guide others on their journey to connect to self, promote balance, and induce physical and mental relaxation. When teaching, I  feel the most grounded and inspired. For while I may be leading the class I find that each and every student is leading me. Teaching me. I am so grateful and continue to breath in all that the universe has to offer.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Cindy Brugma

I am fantastically normal like you, and have an enthusiastic quest for learning. In 2014, I was introduced to a wonderful teacher who facilitated a series of meditation classes for my then 15 year old daughter.

I never imagined how it would effect me on a personal level. Since then I have been participating and learning about myself and others on a deeper level through group meditations. I’ve also facilitated my own meditation workshops and have added Reiki to my list of modalities. It only seemed natural to explore yoga.

I successfully graduated from the Subramanya Yoga Teacher Training in spring 2019. I see how these simple, quiet retreats can transform those willing to take the time for themselves, quiet themselves and let things flow.

I now teach the KIDS YOGA at the studio with a group of amazing kids. I only hope that a strong foundation will build strong kids.

Allison Pearl Smith

I was introduced to yoga in 1997. I began practicing yoga because I wanted to experience the physical benefits, but soon realized that yoga would offer much more than improved strength and flexibility. My personal practice has helped me to be more present and improved my ability to respond to daily life stressors. 

In 2019 I received my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Dan De Luis at the Subramanya Yoga Centre. 
I believe that each person has their own unique experience with yoga. As a teacher, I am here to guide the student on their journey. Through the practice of yoga my hope is that the student has the opportunity to reach a point of stillness. 
I feel incredibly lucky to continue my yoga path as part of the community at the Subramanya Yoga Centre. 

Om shanti

Ross Thomson

I think the Yoga seed was planted in my head when a physiotherapist, Christine, urged me to investigate yoga in order to help with my back problem. I still remember my exact reply to her suggestion  “I don’t think I would look good in spandex”.

What followed was a year in the Back Care Program at the Subramanya Yoga studio. No back pain after all those years! I was a believer!

On Feb 24th 2019, I completed the Yoga Teachers Training Program at the Subramanya Yoga Centre. Teaching was definitely not in my wheelhouse, but I could feel the deeper meaning of yoga stirring within me. This Philosophy for a happy lifestyle just has to be shared! 

Trish Fuller

My first Yoga class with Dan was simply an attempt to bring more stretching into an exercise regime.  As I became more familiar with the practice, I also became more aware of its positive effects.  After class, I would leave feeling lighter, more relaxed, a little more grounded and happier.  It was that ‘after class feeling’ that made me fall in love with Yoga.

In 2019 I completed the Yoga Teachers Training Program at Subramanya Yoga Center and I am honored to begin my teaching journey here at the studio with the wonderful teachers and other Yogis who have helped and inspired me along the way.  

With today’s busy lifestyle, where busy is the standard and not the exception, it can be very challenging to take the time you need to be with yourself and connect.  My goal through Yoga is to help inspire others to practice and to create a class environment that induces relaxation and helps people escape from all the daily distractions and stress – even if it is for only an hour.