Our facility offers a spacious 1300 square feet yoga studio, therapy room and lounge area conveniently located in heart of Brockville. The room studio is equipped with carbon infrared panels we use to heat the room during hot classes. It has excellent acoustics helping to create a unique experience for all classes and events that we host. Our studio is available to rent for corporate/group workshops. 


Please observe these rules to ensure respect of all students and teacher:      
-New students must arrive at least 15 minutes before first class
-Regular students please arrive at least 5 minutes before class
-Please observe silence during class
-Refrain from wearing perfumes or things scented(others may be allergic)
-Doors lock when class begins according to posted schedule
-Please observe noble silence in reception area & during class
-Please remove footwear in entrance lobby
-No electronic devices allowed in yoga studio during class
-No food permitted inside the yoga studio, water bottles are permitted
-Hot Yoga students, do not eat a minimum 2 hours before class, hydrate     well before, bring water, large towel or absorbent cover for your mat.

-Yoga mat rental is 3$ to cover cleaning cost
-Do not eat a minimum 1.5 hours before regular class