Meditation and breath work class is Saturday's 8am-8:45am. Breath work, meditation and crystal bowls this month is Dec 27th 2pm-3pm.


Contact: 613-340-6671


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Meditation and Breath work is becoming very popular in today's fast face world. These ancient practices can be a game changer. Weather you are seeking less stress and tension and more peace of mind or simply a more deep appreciation for the richness and beauty of life. This simple practice can do wonders. By practicing mindfulness we can begin a very powerful love affair with life. Monday, Wednesday and Friday's you will be taught a powerful breathing exercise and quickly experiencing the benefits. You are then introduced to traditional meditation. Sdunday's we cover breath work, meditation, auto suggestive body and mind relaxation, chanting, philosophy and then the vibration of the crystal singing bowls. These classes will help with PTSD, anxiety and depression. Soon you will see the benefits of decreased stress in body and mind. Increased positive emotions. Increases attention and memory. Increases immune function and the list goes on and on. Through meditation we can discover how to manage this fast paced world and develop an open flexible and accepting mind.