​Corporate Wellness & Training Sessions (Onsite and Online)
1-2-3 Hour Stress reduction and Breathing Workshops

In these workshops you will learn multidisciplinary breathing techniques and mindfulness practices on how to quickly create mental fitness to self-optimize and let go of stress fast. Create wellness that supports the whole person. Mental, physical, social and emotional well-being. Realize your true potential through powerful self sustaining practices. Learn and understand what stress is and where it comes from. Create a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. Learn real shortcuts and techniques giving you the well-being that supports your desired output for life.

Breath work can be one of your most powerful tools you can learn to help optimize your full human potential. When you begin to apply these practices you immediately begin to see improvements both physically and mentally. Improved focus and awareness, better sleep and less stress.

Meditation is hard!

Mindfulness is hard !

Breath work when done in certain patterns and consciously, helps us to get into the right state to meditate and be mindful

You will learn several breath techniques to help you better perform for whatever  task is in front of you.

Find your FLOW!


A deeper understanding of your Physiology

A full guided breathing session

6 breathing techniques to help you navigate through any situation no matter how stressful

You will gain more control over your life, letting go of fear, stress and anxiety






Special request? Smaller or Larger group size? Let me know. We can acomodate!

Previous and Current clients:

CANARM, Linebox, Royal LePage, 3M, Bright Day Calendar, Law Enforcement and Military at every level, Ottawa University, Corrections Canada, Olympic, NHL, NFL and other elite athletes and many more. 

The workshops or webinars we use ZOOM or Skype.

For corporate we can use your form of conferencing for the workshop

Any questions please let us know!




Dan's Corporate Bio & History
Daniel de Luis founded Subramanya Yoga Centre in 2006 and recognized the need for a platform for Corporate Wellness based on his personal experience working with large companies. He could see that employee burnout was on the rise, and the physical and mental toll meant employees could not reach their full productive potential and fulfilling lives. He also understood the importance of commitment and support to focus on the simple, consistent routines that would help themselves, and others, feel better, more energized and happier.

Daniel has over 20,000 hours of teaching. He has had the opportunity of teaching many elite and professional athletes. Daniel has also given his Wellness Programs and Workshops to a wide range of facilities from Correctional Institutions, 3M, Canarm, various Law Enforcement Agencies, Hospitals, Health Professionals, Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Daniel is a Yoga Teacher, Wellness and Breath Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor and a Motivational Speaker. Daniel helps people with various issues from PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), back pain, stress reduction and over all wellbeing. He has committed his life to helping others benefit from his experiences through mindful yogic practices and breath techniques. Daniel is a Certified Master Wim Hof Instructor and breath coach.

In today’s fast-paced workplace, more and more employees are being required to work longer hours. As the demand on the employee grows it can be counterproductive if the employee is not taking the time to find balance and be able to recharge with the right tools. We are beginning to see Corporate Wellness Programs growing as companies are trying to make the workplace a friendlier, healthier place to be by providing them with onsite amenities and training. Having Mind and Body Wellness Programs help reduce stress and find balance both mentally and physically. Studies have shown these types of programs can help improve employee morale. As mental clarity improves and stress is reduced, their productivity increases and less sick days are taken.

The objective our Workshop is to help reduce stress related symptoms in our work and home environment. As we begin to find balance, we start to develop a greater degree of personal responsibility towards one’s health and happiness. Understanding that we all desire to be happy, healthy and strong. This can be attained by making simple changes in our lives to establish a regular routine of simple practices that can be used at work or at home.

Our program not only incorporates traditional elements of health; it also factors in stress, resilience, and sleeping patterns to improve overall wellness.

No matter how large your organization might be, our Corporate Wellness Program can offer customized Health and Wellness Workshops.

Workshops can vary from 1 hr-3hr sessions, to weekend and week long retreats. Please contact for more information.